How You May Get Involved

Stay in school and Girls’ Empowerment

Improve supply of dignity kits to cover 800 girls, expand activities of Girl Child Life Skills Clubs to 23 schools and provision of books and other essential resource materials.

Sponsor a child

Expand available Form 1 (entry level) scholarships to at least 10 students per year. Each scholarship costs $1,650 per year. (This includes tuition, accommodation, and support).

Fundraising and advocacy

We invite you to become a NYASHEP advocate today!

Whatever you do your efforts will definitely make a difference in the lives of the community we support.


Sponsor A student

Sponsoring a student with Nyashep Education Trust, gives one the unique opportunity to nurture a needy students education dreams into reality. Our Student’s Sponsor program links you directly with the student, making it possible to communicate through exchange of letters, as well as receive regular updates on the student’s academic performance. Both sponsor and sponsored students get to jointly experience the journey of lives being transformed over time.


We support bright but needy students who complete primary school, but unable to join secondary school due to financial constrain

  1. Those willing to sponsor a student are requested to fill our sponsorship commitment Form. HERE
  2. Full sponsorship is whereby a sponsor covers the full monetary support of $1650 per year or $137 per month for four years or a one off payment of $6,500. This means 1 child is paired with 1 sponsor.
  3. Co-sponsorship is a sponsorship program that enables sponsors who are not able to raise the current full sponsorship fee to still be a part of us. For co-sponsorship we will maintain the full sponsorship amount and allow 2 sponsors to sponsor 1 child. The cost will be $825 per year or $69 per month for four years or a one off payment of $3,300. The beneficiary will write to both sponsors.
  4. Pay required sponsorship fee by November 15th of the preceding year.
  5. In the month of January, Nyashep communicates on student matched to your sponsorship, and successful applicants are awarded 4 years education sponsorship. They are expected to maintain good academic performance.

Help Our Girls Stay In School

Access to Sanitary pads and under pants is a great challenge forcing many young girls to miss out of school 5-6 days every month. This adds up to substantial loss of learning opportunity. After realizing that girls would go all the way to using pages of their exercise books, pieces of old clothes, mattresses and even chicken feathers, Nyashep initiated the Dignity Kit supply program. The kit is aimed to be supplied twice a year and contains 3 packets of disposable pads, 1 pack of re-usable towel and 3 pairs of underpants. Distribution is a communal activity bringing together grandmothers, mentors, and our university students to share.

Fundraising and Advocacy

We invite you to become a NYASHEP advocate today! Fundraising for Nyashep is a great way to support our cause and have fun while doing it. We continue to be humbled by the selfless acts of individuals and groups that have given their time to raise awareness and money for the fund. You can hold private session with friends, family or church members, hold a benefit concert, have a bake sale, and carry out raffles with support from local businesses; Whatever you do your efforts will definitely make a difference in the lives of the community we support. For fundraising queries or comments write to us at

How To Donate


You can make a donation to Nyashep Education Trust by wire transfer to Nyashep Bank Account

Please contact us at or call us on (+254) 720 614 558 for any enquiries.

We provide bank details upon request.

Have Questions or would like to get involved?

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