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Our Objective

To improve the health, social and economic assets of girls and bridge the widening gender disparities between boys and girls in access to education, health and social services including hygiene and sanitation facilities, learning resources, improved psycho-social life skills (self-esteem, decision making etc.).

Our Rationale

Every month many post pubescent girls lose between 5- 6 days of school due to menstruation and related health factors. Everyday girls lose between 30-40 minutes of crucial learning time while trying to access a latrine. These add up to substantial loss in learning opportunity and eventual poor performance and school drop-out among girls. The associated psycho-social effects have proved life-long impediment to girl’s realization of their full potential.

What we do

We strive to distribute dignity kits, to approximately 800 girls in 23 Primary schools, twice a year. Each kit comprises 1 packet (of at least 10 reusable sanitary wear), 3 packets of disposable pads and 3 pairs of under wear. The distribution is accompanied by comprehensive health education, Including on reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, and personal hygiene.

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